Sustainability consulting.

We provide bespoke sustainability consulting for SME’s in the creative sector.

our novel approach.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do. Drawing on our many years experience of working across the sustainable fashion, lifestyle  beauty sectors, as well as our working lives before NOVEL (in the film and advertising industry) – we thought it would make sense to offer sustainability consulting to our clients. 

Khandiz offers consultancy services to SME’s in the creative and beauty sectors looking to overhaul their business model to ensure a long-term, robust sustainability plan. She has received a certification in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She is also an affiliate member of IEMA and has been certified as carbon literate by the Carbon Literacy Project. 


Alice offers consulting to professional stylists (and private) wanting to adopt tried and tested measures to authentically transition to a more sustainable practice (or wardrobe). Alice serves as spokesperson for XR Fashion Boycott and her dedication to cleaning up the fashion industry is unparalleled.  Her resolve has seen her be invited to speak on numerous panels, provide expert opinion on national television shows.

For Businesses 


Here are a number of assessment tools to start gathering the vital data to make long-term changes. Be part of a carbon-negative future.

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