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Overseeing all creative output.

In our case, we define our creative directions services as one that shapes the creative style, visual narrative and quality of the imagery, collection or product we produce or develop for our clients. 

Whether that be in our specialist roles; for instance hiring Alice to come and consult on your sustainable fashion brand – to strengthen your offering or tighten up your collection, or it might be hiring Khandiz to consult on a new clean beauty product you plan to launch. Or indeed, hiring us as a duo to consult on your brand’s visual communications.

In the grander scheme of things…not a whole lot to be honest. The two terms are fairly interchangeable.

Our creative direction services provide our clients with concept creation or consultation on brands or product, whereas our art direction offering an onset eye to ensure all the shots required for the concept or brief are achieved. 

We are boutique creative agency. The nexus of work centers around innovative and transparent sustainability in visual storytelling.

As such, we only develop ideas and work with brands and businesses that uphold the principles of social and environmental sustainability. 

We believe that sustainability and ethics need to be built into the design of concept. Not added as an afterthought.

That’s great! We would love to hear hear from you. You’re more than welcome to pop us an email if you have already decided that you want to work with us.

However, should you be wanting to find out more about what we can offer you, we do change an initial 1 hour meeting fee.

* In person – £150

* Remotely – £100

Don’t worry, if you decide to work with us, 50% this fee will be included in your final invoice. 

Because time is money, and ideas are valuable.

Being a tiny business, comprised of two very impassioned creatives – it’s impossible not to give away ideas or valuable insight gained through years of experience in our fields.

Not to mention, while the meeting might only be an hour, the time to travel to and from your offices also need to be accounted for.

It also helps us weed out the time wasters pretty quickly.

Image solutions

Images Solutions are a series of packages we have developed over the years. We have taken into account our clients’ previous asks, as well as the gaps in knowledge we have come across, for what is required to produce a photoshoot that is both ethical and sustainable. 

Our price points for these packages both acknowledge the financial challenges any young, innovative businesses face to develop a brand, but also provide a significant discount to salute those who have managed to do so while prioritising people and planet above profits. 

Firstly, ensure that you qualify for our packages by completing our questionnaire.

If you already have an idea for your shoot, but need to flesh it out or develop it further – then our Essential solution is the one for you.

If you don’t have the skill set to develop a shoot concept, or maybe you simply don’t have the time to manage pulling together a shoot, or you have no idea how to find a creative team, our Curated solution is the answer.

If you have a big budget, big ideas and no idea where to start, our Complete solution is the answer. 

Our essential package is designed to help those that already have a set shoot/campaign concept and will be handling their own product, but might need some help distilling the concept to ensure that it authentically speaks to the businesses values and purpose.

This service is provided in person or via a Skype session prior to shooting. 

By far our most popular image solution.

Our Curated package was designed for those that are much better at the business side of things than the creative (or those creative types who understand the benefit of hiring other creative experts for specific jobs).  

What is included:

* A finished shoot concept – with 3 loose ideas to choose from.

On-set art direction. We ensure that you have all the shots you really need for your requirements.

* A half-day props or clothing style consultation – predefine the looks for the shoot and identify what accessories are required to complete the looks, with Alice.

*On-set styling services. Alice will ensure the garments or items are looking as they should on the model, or that the product is perfectly positioned to show off its best side to camera.

*Hair and makeup/grooming of model to fit the shoot concept. This service is provided by Khandiz.

*Final image selection and communication with the photographer regarding sizes and delivery of images.

*A shoot CO2 and social impact report.

What is not included:


*Location, crew or models (however we are happy to provide our opinion on these).

*Prop hiring

*Prop sourcing

*Calling in of supporting accessories or garments

*Couriers, collection or return costs

*Damages to hired items

*Assistants (should they be required on set).


Our Complete package is designed to provide a complete creative shoot brief and full shoot production service to our clients. 

You provide us with your budget and requirements, and we handle everything else (within reason of course).

Don’t you worry, we have you covered! We have put together an ‘a la carte’ option too – where you can pick your base package (Essential or Curated) and simply add on the additional services you require.

Of course we will consider it!

If you have completed our qualification form, we will already have received details about your brand or business and we will be in touch very soon to discuss the ways in which we can work together. 

If you haven’t yet completed the form and simply know you won’t qualify because you have read the information about our images solutions – simply pop us an email and we will get back to you ASAP!


The prices of our packages have been very carefully considered to ensure that everyone involved in working on the shoot gets paid a fair, living wage for their skills and expertise. 

No problem. Why don’t you book an hour consultation with us instead?

We can look at some of the ways you can do things on your own, until such time as you can afford to hire us.


* In person – £150 (at a central London location of your choosing).

* Remotely – £100 (via Skype).

We prepare two to three initial concept outlines, (depending on your chosen package) based on our conversations or correspondence with you about your brand, product or upcoming collection.

Once you have chosen the concept you feel most resonates with you, we go away and flesh that one out further. 

You have one set of changes to request after delivery of our concept, should we not have nailed it first time around.

If you’re still not happy with it, you’ll only be liable to pay for the work that has already been done. We don’t schedule any shoot dates until the concept is approved in order to prevent you incurring any cancellation fees.

Yes, in some instances.

For our Essential and Curated packages, you will be required to pay a deposit before we start work, and the remainder can be paid within 30 days of delivery of the final invoice.

If you chose our Complete package, we will require payment in three parts.

  1. A deposit for the shoot concept.
  2. Upfront payment for any outsourced crew, models, catering and locations.
  3. The remainder of our fee – due within 30 days of final delivery of images and a reconciled budget for your records.

Once you have completed our qualification form, we will send you an email with the link and password to the relevant page. 

We have chosen to keep our Image Solutions price lists password protected to ensure we can continue to offer you the most competitive prices.

However, once you’re on the relevant image solution pages, there is a full cost break down for each of the services. So there is no hidden costs involved. The price you see is the price you pay.